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The Australian Investor’s Guide to Asset Allocation

How to create your own optimal portfolio that maximises returns at an acceptable risk

Written by leading financial analyst & economist David Bassanese.  Updated to end-Sept Qtr 2013.  The key asset classes every investor should know  Long-term & 5-year projected asset class returns & risk  10 strategic and tactical model portfolios to choose from

  • Are you investing in the right asset classes?  Do you know the likely short-run and long-run returns and risk for equities, bonds and cash? What portfolio allocations seem likely to enjoy the best long and short-run returns for given levels of risk?  Are you expecting too much from super?
  • Get answers to all these questions in the comprehensive Australian Investor’s Guide to Asset Allocation. The Guide reviews 112 years of key asset class returns and risk, and looks forward to their likely risk and return over both the long-run and over the next 5-years.
  • 5-year return projections are based on proprietary asset valuation models using the latest quarterly data.
  • Based on expected risk and returns,  the Guide then outlines a suite of optimal asset class model portfolios – or ideal asset class portfolio weightings – for both short-term and long-term investors.
  • The Guide details the specific asset weightings and expected risk and returns for each investment option used in our handy free Superannuation Calculator.

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